This set is a perfect combination of smudges for energy and home cleansing. The set contains ethically sourced white sage, selenite, and palo santo in an abalone shell. Also included is our reiki charged, quartz crystal infused, sage and lavender essential oil liquid smudge spray. The spray provides the same clearing energies without the smoke. Great to use anytime to cleanse your space of negative or stagnant energy and bring balance in. Set includes instructions on how to clear your space. 


  • White Sage approx 6" bundle
  • Selenite Crystal approx 4" long
  • Abalone Shell approx 6.5" 
  • Palo Santo sticks approx 4" long
  • 4 oz Reiki charged, quartz crystal infused smudge spray with essential oils


Fill your space with love and light xoxo





Home Blessing Set

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