• Melissa Mack

Create A Meditation Space

Choose an area that will become a dedicated place you can routinely go to for your meditation practice. Space is often limited.....especially now with so many of us spending a great deal of time at home and sharing spaces with others full time and working and schooling from different spots in the home. Your meditation area can be a full room, a carved out corner of a room, or even an area outdoors. By creating a space specifically designed for meditation you will be reminded as you see it, to make time for yourself as often as possible, for inner calm and clarity. Chooses a spot that makes you feel good. The space doesn't need to be big. It just needs to feel cozy and secure.

I created my space in the master bedroom as I have enough extra area in there that gives me room to stretch out a bit. And this little lady loves the space too :) I have enough room here for both yoga and meditation. I am able to close the bedroom door to the rest of the house to block out everyone else's noise....but this is not always possible in many homes. And even with the door closed it is never truly silent. And part of meditation is learning to focus, breath, and clear your mind even with distractions around you. I find playing a soothing mix of meditation music I created on Spotify helps block out distracting noises while allowing me to stay relaxed and focused.

Less Is More

Keeping this area free of clutter and simple allows the energy to flow freely. Keep the space clean and decluttered to help promote a feeling of calm and serenity. Being free of extra visual clutter will help keep the mind from wandering.

Comfortable Cozy And Natural

Comfort is key in helping you rewind, relax, and focus on your mediation practice. Bring in soft pillows, cozy blankets, live greenery, wood, and shells. Natural materials are healthy and restorative. Bringing the outdoors in....or even creating your mediation area outdoors ....promotes health and healing.

Personalize Your Space

Bring in a few items that speak to you. Buddhas, candles, crystals, artwork, mala beads, and singing bowls are often incorporated into a mediation space. But only bring in intentional items that are meaningful, significant and important to you. I keep rose and clear quartz crystals, a speaker for soft music, incense and chakra balancing candles on a small table in my space.

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