Discover the art of mindfulness with our wearable art jewelry. Our beautiful mala necklaces are knotted by hand and created with 6mm semi-precious high grade gemstones, gold filled beads and charms, and feature our hand painted, original, gold leaf art pendants. Our mala bracelets use the same gemstones and gold filled charms, and are created using a very strong stretch cord for ease of use, and available in 2 sizes. Each piece is one of a kind, made to order, unique and lovingly created.     

All of our mala necklaces contain the traditional sacred108 beads. Our wearable art malas are infused with ground clear quartz crystals in the paint before adding a glass like finish to give each piece extra energy, healing and love.

Zen Garden

Breathe and let be.
Jon Kabot-Zinn


Mantras are words or phrases that you can sing, chant, or repeat silently in your mind as you meditate. The practice of mantra meditation uses the repetition of a word or phrase as the point of focus to help create a more focused awareness. The repetition of mantras can help you disconnect from any thoughts that arise during meditation and also help keep you focused on your intention. It’s a great way to focus our intentions and calm our minds. The use of mantras can have powerful effects on the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

When choosing and creating your own personal mantra think about what you want or need and hope to manifest. Choose something uplifting and positive that feeds your soul. Choose a favorite word, phrase, poem, or sound for meditation. It could be as simple as a single word like "love" or "peace". Or it can be a positive affirmation you create that starts with "I" or “I am” such as "I choose love",  "I am still and I am calm" ,  "I am enough".  Your mantra can change daily depending on how you are feeling and what is happening at that moment in time. The most important part of creating your own mantra is that you keep it  positive and meaningful to your own motivations and journey

You can use your mantra during meditation by repeating each word or phrase while using the counting beads.

You can also just repeat your mantra throughout the day when wearing our mala necklaces :) 

Here are some mantras to get you started: I create my own path and walk it with joy. I am lovable and I am loved. I trust in myself. I am open to the possibilities of the universe. I am peaceful. 

 More about how to use the mala in the learn section below.

White Sand and Stone

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.



A mala is a strand of beads often used for keeping count of mantras, breaths, prayers or intentions during meditation. The mala is used so that one can focus on the meaning or sound of the mantra rather than counting its repetitions.  Mala beads have been used in Buddhist and Hindu prayer ceremonies and meditation for centuries. A full Mala strand contains 108 counting beads and typically have a tassel or pendant at the end of the strand.  Malas can help keep you focused during meditation.  Malas typically contain 108 beads, but also can use factors of 108, such as 18, 27, 36, or 54, for shorter malas. The number 108 is sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and yogi tradition. Mala beads, or a "japa mala", can help promote mindfulness in meditation and yoga  practices. They’re intended to help you with mantra repetition.

A mala can be used for meditation, but also can worn as jewelry. It can be wrapped around your wrist numerous times and worn as a bracelet. 

Also, if you wear your mala throughout the day, it can help serve as a constant reminder of your intentions. The most common beads used in malas are wood, seeds or semi precious gemstones. Small metal spacers or metal beads between each main bead  can be included but are not counted during the meditation. Knots are often placed between each bead on a mala to protect the beads from touching each other. Knotting makes the mala stronger and  also allows for the perfect amount of space between the beads.  


Malas are traditionally held in your right hand, with the mala draped over your fingers so it can move easily and freely. The mala is held resting over the third finger of the right hand, and the beads are brought toward you, one by one, using the thumb.  Each counter bead is held between the thumb and middle finger. The thumb pulls the next counter bead over the middle finger after each repetition. Each bead counts one repetition of the breath or mantra.  Once the last counter bead is reached, one can either end the meditation or continue on by turning around and going in the other direction.

When meditating with our mala necklace, hold it in your right hand, or whatever hand feels most comfortable to you. Drape it loosely between your middle and index finger. Starting at the pendant, use your thumb to pull each bead towards you, repeating your mantra either out loud, or silently, with each bead until you've traveled all the way around the mala and back to the pendant again. Manifest your intention by repeating your mantra 108 times. If you want to keep going, start again in the opposite direction.

White Sands

Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life.
-Thich Nhat Hanh


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